Title sequence for BBC TWO’s ‘The Last Kingdom’ a viking drama based on Bernard Cornwell’s novel series – The Saxon Stories.

The sequence conveys the threat to the Saxon’s from the invading vikings, showing a map of the english counties of the time burning up leaving only Wessex remaining.

How it was made:

Hand-drawn images were scanned and then projection mapped on to 3D objects in Cinema 4D. These images were drawn several times and looped to give a more traditional animation style. Finally everything was composited into After Effects.


Direction: Paul McDonnell
Art Direction: Hugo Moss
Design and animation: Ben Hanbury and Tamsin McGee
Illustration: Nathan McKenna
Composer: John Lunn
Client: Carnival

LK_Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 15.05.12LK_05 LK_04

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