TitlesĀ for BBC America’s ‘Intruders‘ – “a paranormal mystery thriller following a secret society devoted to chasing immortality by seeking refuge in the bodies of others.” The sequence hints at some of the key points in the drama without giving too much away!

How it was made:

The sequence was a mixture of shot footage, images and 3D. For my part the scenes I worked on involved things very slowly breaking apart (and sometimes revealing something behind it). This involved making video textures of cracks appearing over the elements, then projection mapping those on to a 3D mesh to give it a bit more depth, finally I broke apart the mesh (with the texture) and animated the bits flying out.


Direction: Paul McDonnell & Hugo Moss
3D: Ben Hanbury
Photography: Chris Heuer
Music: Bear McCreary
Created by Huge Designs for BBC America


… on a side note I also got a sneaky cameo in the sequence!


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