Titles for BBC ONE drama ‘And Then There Were None‘ – A period murder mystery based on Agatha Christie’s novel about ten strangers who find themselves cut off from civilisation on an isolated rock off the Devon coast.

The titles were based around the ten figures that appear on the dinner table (which gradually disappear as each of the characters is murdered). Projected over the top of them is the children’s poem detailing how each person will die. As the figures crumble the pieces form the house on the island.

How it was made:

We took the actual props used in the show and got them 3D scanned so they could be brought into Cinema4D. The exploding parts were made partly with the in-built dynamics and partly with the recent Houdini Engine plugin which is now available. For the texturing, lighting and rendering I used Octane which seemed to produce an excellent sub-surface-scattering effect with pretty low render times. Then everything was comped together in After Effects, using Magic Bullet Looks for the grading and Frischluft for the shallow depth of field.

ATTWN_05 ATTWN_Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 13.02.03

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